Troubleshooting Outlook Express

If you are having problems with Outlook Express, you will most likely see an error window (figure 1).

(Figure 1: Outlook Express Error Window Example)

The important information (and often the key to resloving the error) will either be an error code or error message at the bottom of the error window text. In the above example, the error code to note is 0x800CCC0D. Below are some common error codes (and error messages) along with more information about why the error occured and possible solutions:

0x800CCC0D, 0x008CCC0E, 0x800CCC90, 0x800CCC92, POP3 response error, POP3 password invalid, Client Response invalid, Can't find Host, cannot Locate Server and Failed to Connect, Cannot Connect to Server

0x800CCC7D, 0x800CCC79, SMTP rejected recipients (sending e-mail to invalid e-mail address), Server does not support SSL

0x800CCC91, POP3 username invalid

0x800420CB, Message could not be opened

0x800CCC0F, Connection dropped (DUN connection disconnected)

800CCC0131, MSIMN Errors